We create unique outdoor activity packages for small
groups seeking to participate in amazing outdoor
experiences originating out of the Bay of Plenty.

Bay of Plenty

The Bay of Plenty



Life is for living:

Offering adventure tours provides a wide range of experiences.  From witnessing amazing scenery, getting up close to the the wide variety of wildlife, exploring places very few people get to see, to meeting new people and making new friends.

All these are very much part of the whole package.
Life is all about taking the opportunity and making the most of what you have got.  These values are the cornerstone of what we want to share. 

Safety first:

We provide unforgettable experiences and the last thing we want to be concerned about is your safety and wondering whether your guides are experienced and qualified to ensure this.

Adventure Bay of Plenty is keen to show you the quality of its gear and safety equipment.

Visit the links on the left to see for yourself and we encourage you to find another operator giving you an inside look so to speak.  We are sure you will find them reassuring as well as  others that are very interesting:

Tour Destinations:

The Bay of Plenty and nearby communities provide us with  such a varied range of adventures to enjoy.  Rich in history and culture the links on the left offer an opportunity to find out more about this fantastic part New Zealand. A incredible amount of work has been put into providing unique destinations allowing Adventure Bay of Plenty to take you to locations no other operator can.


The area is rich and diverse in wildlife. To learn more about what you may experience on our tours click the links to the left.