We create unique outdoor activity packages for small
groups seeking to participate in amazing outdoor
experiences originating out of the Bay of Plenty.

Bay of Plenty

Combination Packages

Bay of Plenty is an amazing location.

tour_adventures_1.JPGThere is so much to do and it is all at our door step. An incredible amount of time has been spent building relationships with local communities and as a result we can take you to locations no other operator can. 

However to play a part in all these incredible experiences and to witness the diversity of the area you will need to book a tour with Adventure Bay of Plenty.

We have designed several packages combining kayaking, biking, boat cruises, horse treks....... the list goes on and on. 

_5.jpeg Some things you will never see from the water and some things you will never see from land.

Our combination packages ensure you get the most bang for your buck.  It enables us to travel to nearby islands and other exotic locations and experience all the wonders and sites they have to offer.
  • You will meet genuine people

  • you will be invited into their homes and be part of island life. 

  • Our tours are about participation

  • your input will create an even more unique experience

  • you won't get herded around like sheep.

  • you will meet new people and make new friends

  • you will develop new skills

  • you will laugh

We don't share these experience behind the wheel of a vehicle, simply because you cannot.  You will be:
  • kayaking

  • cycling

  • horse riding

  • walking

  • swimming

  • Boat cruises

We invite you to view the different packages we offer on the links to the left..

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