We create unique outdoor activity packages for small
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experiences originating out of the Bay of Plenty.

Bay of Plenty

Matakana Extravaganza

_8.jpegMatakana Island one of the most sort after locations in the Bay of Plenty.  It is privately owned and unless you get permission you can go no further than the high tide mark.

 Adventure Bay of Plenty has built an excellent rapport with the Matakana community and can provide exclusive trips onto the island.

The island is only a short distance from the mainland however access is only by water or air.

_7.jpegSo what we offer is an exclusive location only half to one hours paddle away and you take part in an experience few will ever achieve.

Home of the endangered New Zealand Dotterel with a shoreline rich in wildlife, deserted golden sand beaches offering safe swimming and known for the fastest growing pine trees in the world Matakana is a place not to miss.

But wait there's more:

island_adventure.JPGWith a choice of several areas to launch our kayaks depending on the tide it is just a short leisurely paddle to Matakana.  Rich in sea life the anticipation of what you may see is as much of a thrill as the journey.

On our arrival you will be greeted by your local Matakana guide and your adventure has only just begun.

_9.jpegThis special tour offers a unique insight into the lives of the local community.  You can choose from a Clydesdale drawn carriage ride, used not so long ago to transport children to school, or go on the islands horse trek adventure.

Don't underestimate the privilege it is just to step onto the island, not to mention be hosted, shown locations very few ever see and get an inside look into life on the island.  The community is very protective of this treasure and you are receiving a rare gift.

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