We create unique outdoor activity packages for small
groups seeking to participate in amazing outdoor
experiences originating out of the Bay of Plenty.

Bay of Plenty

Glow Worm tour


_12.jpegJoin us on a very unique experience at McLaren Falls Park, Tauranga.  Kayak on a calm, safe waters of the lake before entering the river, shrouded in native bush. As it gets dark hear the haunting call of our own native owl the Ru Ru (Morepork) and watch the speckles of the glow worms amongst the bush. 

Brace yourself as we enter the canyon and witness the spectacle of the glow worms covering the steep cliffs of the canyon.

Witness the beautiful native Silver Fern and hear stories how it was used to protect the women and children during times of battle.

We return to the walk after dark which offers a chance to see the glow worms up close including witnessing their silk web.  You will also see our native New Zealand Silver Fern at night. All the time hearing the soothing sound of the nearby creek and waterfall in the distance.

We strongly believe that our activities are about the experience.  Therefore we don't provide food or hot drinks, but our tours last on average, one hour longer than anyone else.
  We provide the opportunity to take a short walk to a beautiful water fall prior to getting into the kayaks.  Our tours are designed for groups of no more than 10 at a time so you get to immerse yourselves in the experience at your pace.

Give us a call today if you are after a company that specializes in tourism, is passionate about the environment, history and culture of the area and a company that does not operate on strict time frames allowing you to explore this beautiful county at your pace.

Glow Worm Tour
Rate Adult Child Family Duration Availability
Glow Worm Tour $95
Min of 2
$50 $250 (2 Adults, 3-4 Children) 3-4 hours 7 Days