We create unique outdoor activity packages for small
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experiences originating out of the Bay of Plenty.

Bay of Plenty

Wildlife Tours

                  Kayak with the Seals

_14.jpegBetween June and October every year Mount Maunganui gets several New Zealand Fur Seals coming in to shield themselves from the cold open ocean weather and laze about on nearby rocks soaking up the warm winter sun. 

Many people are reluctant to get on the water during winter but it offers some of the best conditions year round.  Join us and get up close to these amazing animals in their natural environment. 

Watch them roll their heads towards us as we paddle up to them, their huge brown eyes staring curiously at us. Sometimes they will enter the water and swim around the kayaks, darting and diving effortlessly. This is truly an amazing experience and completely safe for the seals and us. Contact us today

                   Kayak with the Stingrays

_13.jpegTauranga Harbour is home to many stingrays.  They visit the harbour's safe, shallow waters to feed and warms up in the Bay of Plenty sun.  On occasion's there can be over 50 stingrays congregating in one small area.  Sheltering from predators they lay in the shallows feeding and resting.  Witness these majestic creatures close up. 

Let the tide carry you directly over them.  Watch them as they race off, the tips of their wings breaking the water surface.  It is also common to see many fish species jumping out of the water or shooting under your kayak, their scales glistening.    The photo shown was taken from my kayak so it gives you can idea of how close you can get.This tour is completely safe and in no way does it harm the stingrays in any way.

Wildlife Tours
Rate Adult Child Family (2 Adults 3-4 Children) Duration Availability
Wildlife Tours $95
Min of 2
$50 $220 2-3 hours 7 Days

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